Thirumalini Vaithianathan PhD
SUNY Stony Brook, Neurobiology and Behavior
Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate
Keywords Research Areas: Ribbon synapses, vesicle and calcium dynamics, Electrophysiology,Confocal Imaging, Transgenic zebrafish
Research Focus:
  • Retinal Neuroscience
Synopsis Of Research:


Program of Study:  Postdoctoral


Start Date of Program:


Title of Project: Functional properties of retinal ribbon synapses


Mentor:  Dr. Gary Matthews

Current Or Representative Publications:

1. Vaithianathan T and Matthews G. (2014) Visualizing synaptic vesicle turnover and pool refilling driven by calcium       nanodomains at presynaptic active zones of ribbon synapses. PNAS in press. 

2. Vaithianathan T, Zanazzi G, Henry D, Akmentin W, Matthews G. (2013) Stabilization of spontaneous 
neurotransmitter release at ribbon synapses by ribbon-specific subtypes of complexin. J Neurosci.33(19):8216-26. 

3. Vaithianathan T, Akmentin W, Henry D, Matthews G. (2013) The ribbon-associated protein C-terminal-binding protein 1 is not essential for the structure and function of retinal ribbon synapses. Mol Vis. 19:917-26.

State University of New York Medical Centers & College of Optometry Consortium

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